Can You Walk On Water?

16 Jan


As someone who surfs, I understand what it might feel like to actually walk on water. When you catch a wave, its natural momentum and energy simply carries you. It’s a radical leap of faith to trust that the ocean’s life force will propel you with its incredible power. I’ve never experienced anything like it in any other dimension of my life, which is why I continue to surf. It is truly a spiritual experience to feel held by the Universe.


Yet when you catch a wave you can’t hesitate. Once you decide to commit to riding it, you need to have a clean pop up. If you don’t, you will falter and potentially wipe out or pearl.

I wonder why this concept is so hard to grasp in our day to day lives.

Lately, I’ve been doing a considerable amount of inner faltering. As I feel a force compelling and propelling me to “walk on water” – to take risks, to trust and to simply step out, I find myself doing so and then suddenly freaking out. When I realize I’m actually walking on water, moving forward in my life and stepping out in areas where I feel called, I then second guess myself. “I can’t do this. It’s too much. I’ll get swallowed up by it all. I’ll drown in the chaos and demands of this unknown sea I’m trying to cross.” And when I listen to the skeptics around me who are bogged down with their own fears and projections, the chatter in my head intensifies even more.

Jesus asked Peter to walk on water. When he believed he could, he did. When he realized he was, he questioned the spark of Divinity within him and collapsed into the water.

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Peter needed to look at Jesus. Not at his feet or the water or the wind or the skeptics.

You might as well call me Peter (or Petra).

“You of little faith? Why did you doubt?”


Can and do you walk on water? What makes you falter and what keeps you going? And what is your experience of stepping out onto the sea?

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