Increasing Bandwidth

26 Mar

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I’ll admit it. My bandwidth is running low. I can’t process all the data. And no, I don’t want an upgrade so that I can tax my nervous system even more. I am on stimuli overload and need a break from it all. Instead of upgrading the system, I need to clear some files. Here are my thoughts on increasing bandwidth in today’s information age:

*Note – If you have children, include them in these activities. They will greatly appreciate it. Resist saying, “I have children, there is no time!” They take considerable bandwidth, so all the more reason to pay heed.

1) Surf. Your smart phone can’t find you playing with the dolphins.
2) Turn off the t.v. and go to bed early. It’s delightful.
3) Answer urgent email but then save correspondence for select times during the day.
4) Create.
5) Meditate.
6) Lie on the yoga mat. (Kids like yoga! Cats and dogs too!).
7) Limit non-stop social engagement.
8) Practice saying, “No, I’m not available.”
9) Pet an animal.
10) Examine flowers in the neighborhood.
11) WRITE – on projects that matter – not email.
13) Daydream.

This operating system has to last and do its job.

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  1. Stephen Kliewer March 26, 2014 at 2:18 pm #

    So true. Great reminder

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