Lessons on Loyalty

24 May

I had the opportunity to watch some geese the other day. I was intrigued to see that a mom and dad watched over their offspring with a fierce sense of protection. The mom walked in the front, the babies behind her, and dad followed in the back. Then they slid into the water, gliding along in this formation.


Later I noticed a whole flock of geese with their young. They appeared like a bunch of families all out on an outing.

Geese mate for life. If a partner dies, the remaining bird mourns alone. The bird often chooses not to mate ever again.

Geese also take care of each other as a collective group.  If one is shot, the others will lag behind to ensure its care. They fly in a V formation, which reduces the air resistance for those behind. This allows them to fly 70 percent farther as a group than if they were to fly alone. I find this remarkable.

We humans could take a lesson in these principles. It means so much when we care and look after one another. When one of us is weak and vulnerable, we should slow down and wait until health returns. This is loyalty. We can fly so much farther together than if we go it alone.



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  1. spkliewer May 24, 2015 at 3:36 am #

    being there for each other… during the good, and the bad times… yes, that is it
    That is love
    that is friendship

    that is

    thank you as always for your insight

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