Living Water

13 Jun


I’ve loved water from the minute I floated in the amniotic sac inside my mother.

Water is the womb on this earthly planet. It’s the place to cleanse, to purify, to rest, and to play.

I will always be drawn to water. I need to be in it like I need to breathe. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the ocean, a lake, a pool, or the bathtub.

Apparently, when I was a toddler and my parents were hiking in the Big Sur, I was told to not play in the stream because the water was cold and fast moving. I of course was enchanted and apparently “fell” in. I also drove my tricycle straight into a swimming pool. Anything to be in water.

Thank you, Lord for being Living Water. For helping me discover You in it.

Perhaps this is why I am most drawn to water. It’s where I wash away debris and aches and pain. It’s where the energy I’ve absorbed all day from crowds and traffic and people can be flushed down the drain. It’s where I can be child again, splashing and smiling and happy. And perhaps, on some subconscious level, water is where I feel cared for by the Mother.

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