When A Snake Sheds Its Skin

24 Dec

When I was a little girl a woman from the San Diego Zoo came to my second grade class with a boa to teach us about reptiles. This was probably the first time I heard about snakes shedding their skins. While snakes often get a bad rap, they have long symbolized healing and transformation in various cultures.

This concept of letting the old release and a new form take hold is actually quite beautiful. Does the snake consciously say, “Okay, it’s time to shed the skin now and grow in some new scales,” or is this process simply encoded in his DNA? And how do we know when we need to shed our skins? Do we make a conscious choice for this to happen, or does an innate impulse from deep within push us towards evolution? Or perhaps outside forces plunge us forward into a brand new life?

The transition from the old to the new can be mysterious and beautiful. Life is precious and it moves quickly. How can we maximize our experiences and endow them with meaning and joy? How can 2016 be the best year ever? It begins with setting strong intentions and allowing the new to emerge.


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