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Which Is More Stressful? Doing What You Love Or Not Doing What You Love?

29 Oct


I’m a firm believer that following one’s dreams is not only life giving- it’s a necessity. When we don’t pursue our hearts we run the risk of growing old, resentful and disconnected from our life force.

That said, chasing a passion extracts a cost.

There is never balance. It’s a constant juggling act.

I remember a loved one suggesting that I consider art a hobby and not aim for it as a career. Creating for the sake of creating should be reward enough.

At some point toying with passion isn’t enough though. At some point, if you are serious about yourself and what you have to offer, you become serious about it all. It’s not about whether or not you actually hit the big time; it’s about whether or not you actually swing at the bat.

The funny thing about pursuing a goal is that it requires a degree of relaxation too. Trying too hard stunts creativity and spontaneity, so you have to loosen the grip a little. But if you want to be in the game, you have to practice, sweat, get dirty and deal with stress and exhaustion. That’s just the way it goes. No one who is remotely successful achieved anything by wistfully dreaming about it. Creativity requires risk and action. It will throw you off kilter and plunge you into the unknown. Forget security. It will require last minute decisions, schedule changes, and sacrifices. It will mean that not all will understand or even support you. In fact, most won’t even care. And that’s okay. Because the only person who needs to care is you.

Because which is more stressful? Doing what you love or not doing what you love?

Most new mothers would never go back to the hospital and say, “Thank you. I’m returning my child. I miss eight hours sleep.” While they might dream about eight hours sleep and miss aspects of their previous lifestyles, most wouldn’t trade their children in for simplicity and convenience. That wouldn’t enter most new mothers’ minds beyond mere fantasy.

So which is more stressful? Doing what you love or not doing what you love? And who and what do you make sacrifices for?

Cruise Control

7 Jul

The man I bought my car from kindly showed me how to operate all of the vehicle’s features. When he started talking about the cruise control I found myself checking out. While I learned how to drive on a stick so know how to coordinate my feet with a clutch and my hand with a gear shift, I didn’t want to hear about this car’s fancy cruise control. It sounded hopelessly confusing to me. Hit this button, then click this if you want to get out of cruise control, blah, blah, blah. Whatever.



But lately I’ve been thinking about cruise control. A car is still operating when it is in this function. It’s not like the vehicle is flying at half mast or anything. So why do I always insist that I have to go peddle to the meddle on high alert in every frick’n thing I do?

I was advised recently to put some of my life into cruise control. I was informed that this is not a cop out or being lazy. It’s simply a good way to preserve energy and take advantage of a system that works.

Hmmm. Okay. Maybe I’ll give it a try. I thought I had cured myself of my perfectionist tendencies but I clearly see that haven’t. Maybe it is time to let some things take care of themselves and to rely on the mechanics of this model.